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Xinjiang cinemas institute film rating system

2014-08-11 08:48 Global Times Web Editor: Li Yan

A cinema in Urumqi, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, has been suggesting children should not watch films deemed unsuitable for minors since August 3, following the same practice in two cinemas in the Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture.

While China has no national film-rating system, the branch of the China Film theater chain in Urumqi began to rate screened movies as "G" (all ages admitted) or "PG-13" (parents of children under 13 are strongly cautioned).

Action movie Brick Mansions and thriller The House That Never Dies have been rated "PG-13" by the Urumqi cinema.

As it is just a private action, the rating practice does not mean to echo Xinjiang's anti-terrorism and stability maintenance campaign, said Yao Lin, the executive manager of the cinema.

"The only legal basis is the Law on Protection of Minors, which rules that no organization or individual shall disseminate audio-visual products of pornography, violence, wanton killing and terror to minors by any means," said Yao.

But Yao also said it had not been easy to rate films because the cinema has no rating criteria or rating professionals. They just make a subjective judgment on behalf of the audience.

Many customers were confused or even outraged when they were blocked from buying tickets to The House That Never Dies for their children in the first three days, but now most parents show their understanding and support, Yao added.

Although the cinema in Urumqi has not reported to Xinjiang's radio, film and television bureau on the move, the authorities agreed that the practice encouraged mainstream values and discouraged violence, and said it was acceptable as long as it would not harm the major interests of movie producers, Yao noted.

Two Golden Palm Cinemas in Ili that share a major investor with the Urumqi branch of the China Film theater chain also adopted the same practice in early July, the cinemas' executive manager said.

Fenghe Studios in Guangzhou, Guangdong province began rating films one year ago also had similar experiences.

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