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Line dancing Chinese damas are also heroes in life

2014-07-25 11:09 People's Daily Online Web Editor: Li Yan

"Line dance" and "Chinese dama" have become hot topics of debate both in China and further afield. There has been a growing tendency to see the Chinese damas who practice line dancing as a noisy disturbance. In fact, there are many courageous and helpful damas in China, who bring warmth and a lot of positive energy to our society.

Punishing a molester

Recently, Jinan TV carried a report about a group of damas punishing a molester. In the video, a man who had sexually harassed a woman in the street was caught by some damas, who fought him with their feather dusters. Ultimately he found himself squatting on the ground with both hands tied and crying out for mercy, as his pants were taken off by the damas.

Fighting a robber

On July 14, a man with a knife burst into a bank in Shanghai yelling: "You have fifteen seconds to give me the money!" At the critical moment, a dama who was a cleaner in the bank attacked the mad criminal with a metal mop. He was finally pacified by the dama and the bank's security guards.

Halt their dancing to search for a lost child

A 4-year-old girl was lost in a square near the Gexin Church in Harbin in Heilongjiang province at 19:30 on July 2. Her grandma immediately called for help from nearby police officers. More than a hundred damas in the square stopped dancing and helped to look for the girl, who was finally found and returned to her mother.

Volunteer service

In 2012, 9 damas of an average age of 72, living in Heping District in Shenyang City, formed a volunteer service team to carry out various welfare activities in the community including taking care of the elderly living alone, holding social activities for single elderly, safeguarding the security of the community, taking care of children, and building an education center for the elderly.

Rescuing flood victims

On June 18 2014, Zhang Cuiqin, from Huachi County in west China's Gansu province, saved a child who had been struggling in a flood in front of her house for 5 minutes. She took the child home and gave him food, clothes and blankets to keep him warm. Then she went out and spent the night searching for and saving the lives of other flood victims.

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