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Chinese scientists find new SAR-like coronavirus

2014-07-01 10:11 People's Daily Online Web Editor: Si Huan

China's Military Veterinary Institute of Military Medical Sciences has detected a new type of SARS-like coronavirus in the bats of Yunan Province. Analysis shows that the virus can infect humans and it may be the precursor of the SARS virus or a "relative". The discovery represents an important discovery in the hunt for the source of SARS.

According to researcher Tu Changchun, bats carry more viruses than any other creature. 130 different strains have been found.

Although in recent years many types of coronavirus have been found in bats, and it has gradually been established that bats are the natural host of SARS-like coronavirus, there has been no evidence of transmission to human beings, and no evidence showing there are significant differences in the genetic structure of the virus.

A new virus has now been found in Yunnan bats, and the genetic diversity of this new virus has been clarified. The research group also found that a rotavirus infecting bats in the region may be the cause of diarrhea among children in Southeast Asian countries.

In 2012, the Middle East reported an infectious disease caused by a new coronavirus - Middle East respiratory syndrome. The clinical manifestations are similar to SARS, causing a general panic similar to the SARS outbreak.

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