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Feng Xiaogang blasts film critics

2013-12-31 15:37 China.org.cn Web Editor: Gu Liping
Chinese film director Feng Xiaogang (R) and actress Song Dandan (L) attend a press conference on Personal Tailor in Beijing on December 29th, 2013. [Photo/CRI]

Chinese film director Feng Xiaogang (R) and actress Song Dandan (L) attend a press conference on "Personal Tailor" in Beijing on December 29th, 2013. [Photo/CRI]

On Sunday, film director Feng Xiaogang posted several angry microblogs aimed at critics of his blockbuster comedy "Personal Tailor."

Apparently admitting the film was not as good as expected, Feng wrote, "For the film's integrality, I rated this film 5/10, and for the film's entertainment, I rated it 6/10… But for a film's realistic criticism, it I rated 9/10!"

He then responded to negative reviews of the film with some stern words aimed toward film critics.

"And I rated you 3/10, you are the fake film critics who have no idea of a film. From 'Back to 1942' to 'Personal Tailor,' your mockery carnival just reflects your shallow mind. I despise you. Don't guide audiences without shame. You are shameless."

The film has received substantial criticism recently. Beijing Daily said that the film is out "to make quick buck" and that it "doesn't respect audiences." Another comment read, "It's more like a rough combination of several TV comedy skits, rather than anything that looks like a film." A movie critic who calls himself "Magasa" wrote on his blog, "I watched it full of anger, how can he make such a film without being ashamed?"

Feng had previously said, "No matter if you rate it good or bad, you have shown concern for my film. Thank you anyway. A film is a commodity; as I dare sell it, I dare to let it be rated. I respect all comments and respect audiences' feelings."

But in the early hours of Sunday morning, Feng posted seven times on his personal micro blog, expressing his anger.

Feng said that there are many deep meanings such as bureaucracy, riffraff, power, and corruption hidden inside his film.

"I always try to push the envelope and touch taboos for the Chinese film industry and I did my duty. You film critics, who think highly of yourselves, if I'm a joke, what are you?"

Feng said he was not afraid to offend film critics and would be film critics' nemesis forever.

After his blog outbursts, Feng held a press conference with a film crew and Huayi Brothers Media Corporation's executives to send out a New Year greeting. Feng didn't apologize; he said he would keep on fighting against film critics who don't understand that the film is a satirical comedy.

Feng said that audiences were entitled to express their opinions, "They bought the ticket, they can say anything they want," he said. "But those film critics? They saw the film for free and some even got money for it. If they can attack me, I will strike back. You are cultural Nazis."

Feng said he would take a year's break after he finishes directing the Spring Festival Gala for China Central Television, which will be broadcast live to the world on Jan. 30, 2014, the Chinese lunar New Year's Eve.

Feng has previously expressed a desire to make deep films but his war/famine epic "Back to 1942" was not as successful as hoped and lost a lot of money. "I can't do 'Back to 1942' anymore, some people just don't understand its meaning," Feng said.

"I did my best for it ['Back to 1942'], but nobody wanted to see it, then I casually shot a film ['Personal Tailor']; the box office results are stunning. I'm confused."

"Personal Tailor" has made more than 500 million yuan (US$82.39 million) in 10 days, faster than any of his other films and most other Chinese films. The film also broke China's opening day and opening weekend records. But bad reviews are likely to stop it from reaching 1 billion yuan (US$164.78 million) mark, which the studio expected it to achieve.

Public and media opinions are divided on Feng's reaction to negative reviews. Many showed their support, others said Feng is trying to generate publicity to try to get more money.

Sun Mengjin, a film and cultural critic, said, "He is totally losing it. He even rated himself. How ridiculous! What a pity his films get more and more rubbish than ever, and he is a joke at the end of 2013."

Another famous film critic known as "Taotaolinlinxiaotaotao" said, "I bought my tickets to see the film. I didn't attend the free screenings held by studios or theaters. I don't think this film is fun or humorous. But due to the fact there were so many bad reviews, I felt it was better than what I had expected. I rated it 2/5 or 2.5/5."

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