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Book explains 'Chinese dream' to the world

2013-08-31 07:32 Xinhua Web Editor: qindexing

John Bjorksten, a Swede who came to China out of love for the country's "fabulous dynamism" years ago, has spiced up his life here by working as a radio DJ, writer and TV host.

"Stockholm is like my mom, who was with me as I was growing up. Beijing is my wife, who is with me as I mature. Can you say which one I love more?" he said.

Bjorksten's story was depicted in "The Chinese Dream, What It Means for China and the Rest of the World," a new book published by the New World Press in an effort to explore the concept that has been brought to prominence by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

A collaboration by several experienced media professionals, the book explains the meaning of "Chinese dream" by illustrating the pursuit of Chinese dreams by Chinese and foreigners, honorable figures and ordinary people.

Xi urged innovations in external publicity in order to ensure "the stories of China are well told and voices of China well spread" throughout the world when he addressed a national conference on publicity and ideological work held on Aug. 19 and 20.

"A significant mission in our publicity work is to guide people to fully and objectively view contemporary China as well as the outside world," Xi said.

By telling stories of ordinary Chinese striving amid difficulties to pursue their dreams, the book illustrates the meaning of the Chinese dream and ways of realizing it, said Li Wufeng, deputy director of the State Council Information Office.

"The book will help foreign people better understand the progress China is now making," Li said.

It is particularly important to note that the Chinese dream is also intended to be shared with the world, said Wu Wei, one of the book's authors.

"China's development creates opportunities for the entire world," Wu added.

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