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Many inspired by 'Chinese Dream'

2013-06-06 08:33 China Daily     Web Editor: Wang Fan comment
Primary school students in Jinan, Shandong province, share their book reviews in a reading activity themed My Dream, Chinese Dream in May. Sheng Hong / Xinhua

Primary school students in Jinan, Shandong province, share their book reviews in a reading activity themed "My Dream, Chinese Dream" in May. Sheng Hong / Xinhua

High-school student Zhang Nietian could not believe that his "Chinese dream"-themed letter to President Xi Jinping got a reply last month.

Zhang, 17, chairman of the students' union in Shijiazhuang No 1 High School of North China's Hebei province, wrote a letter on behalf of the school's more than 3,000 students to the president on April 7.

"The Chinese dream is the dream of everyone of us, the young students. Just as you have said, it's the greatest dream of the Chinese people to achieve the great rejuvenation of our nation," Zhang wrote in the letter. "We will study hard to increase our knowledge and fulfill the dream."

The students' letter was answered by Xi on May 4, China's Youth Day.

In his letter, Xi greeted the students and praised them for their ambition and enthusiasm toward the country.

Xi expressed his wishes for the students to uphold their beliefs, study hard, and make contributions to the fulfillment of the "Chinese dream".

"I felt excited after receiving the letter from the president," Zhang said on Tuesday. "We will keep the President's words in mind, be diligent and study hard."

The "Chinese dream" vision was launched to prominence by Xi on Nov 29, when he visited The Road of Rejuvenation exhibition at the National Museum of China. Xi was elected as general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee on Nov 15.

"Everybody has one's own ideal and pursuit as well as one's own dream," Xi said during the visit. "History tells us that everybody has one's future and destiny closely connected to those of the country and nation."

During a keynote speech on March 17, Xi said the dream of a great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation "is a dream of the whole nation, as well as of every individual," adding that it could only be realized by the people.

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