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Teachers ordered to raise moral awareness

2013-05-29 17:00     Web Editor: Gu Liping comment

The Ministry of Education has issued a statement ordering higher education institutions to strengthen moral education for teachers.

The document, posted on the ministry's website, targets young teachers, who are close to the age of college students, and hold a big influence on their students.

Work ethics should be also incorporated into the training in higher education institutions, according to the document. Teachers should be compelled by academic disciplines and keep themselves away from words and deeds that could set a bad example for students.

Ethics is set to be the top priority in recruiting and rating teachers and intensifying efforts to reduce academic frauds. Ethical misdeeds can either prevent a candidate from being hired or lead to bad ratings, said the document.

Teachers should take more classes on political and ideological studies, said the document. They should learn to open their mind to the globe and get to know the opportunities and challenges China faces in a globalized world.

It also said attention should be paid to those candidates who stand out in academic performance and set a role model for students. Leading researchers and those with overseas education background especially deserve attention.

The document was also aware of what the Internet can contribute to this movement. Teachers should understand how to use Internet properly and watch their words and deeds in cyberspace.

Schools were also told to offer psychological help if necessary.

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