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Readers find online literature unsatisfactory: survey

2013-05-08 14:53 Xinhua     Web Editor: Gu Liping comment

Over 80 percent of Chinese people have read books online but many said the quality of literature offered is not satisfying, according to results of a survey released on Wednesday.

An online survey by the China Youth Daily and published in the newspaper's Wednesday edition said 88.8 percent of respondents said they have read novels online, and 23.6 percent said they are frequent readers.

Respondents said easy-reading quality, novelty and easy access of e-books are major attractions of online reading.

However, only 20 percent in the survey said they are satisfied with the quality of books available online and more than 30 percent said they think most online novels are not of top quality but inferior pieces of work.

Moreover, a total of 36.9 percent said they do not consider that online reading will have positive effects on readership, and 57.5 percent expressed their concern that too much violent and obscene content in books may mislead readers, especially those of a young age.

The newspaper's report added that the majority of readers said they read online to "kill time" and for "relaxing" purposes.

A total of 840 people took part in the survey.

According to a recent survey, Chinese people read 4.39 paper books, 77.20 newspapers, 6.56 magazines and 2.35 e-books on average last year. The latter increased by 65.5 percent year on year.

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