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Beijing officials explain new visa rules

2013-04-12 10:22     Web Editor: Wang Fan comment

Beijing police officers explained the latest exit-and-entry regulation to foreigners at an event on Thursday, aiming to provide the expatriates with better service and to reduce misunderstandings about procedures.

The new regulation, which will take effect on July 1, has added visa classifications and clarified the visa application deadline, according to the municipal Exit-Entry Administration.

In the regulation, those who want to prolong their stays should apply to the local Exit-Entry Administration seven days before the visa deadline, while foreigners who intend to get a residence certificate should apply to the administration within 30 days after arriving.

The new regulation also requires a foreigner who wants a residence certificate to provide a passport, application materials and his or her fingerprints.

The event, hosted by the capital's Exit-Entry Administration and the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, introduced the different articles in the new regulation and explained the legislation background.

More than 200 employees from foreign-capital companies participated in the event, while police officers answered questions on how to apply for a visa after quitting a jobs and how to deal with five-year residence certificates.

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