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Durban summit strengthens BRICS cooperation(2)

2013-03-29 09:34 Xinhua     Web Editor: Wang Fan comment


The Durban summit had again demonstrated cooperation among the BRICS countries was in tune with the current trend toward peace, development and cooperation, Ma said.

BRICS cooperation helped make the world economy more balanced, international order more equitable, global governance more efficient, and world peace more endurable, he said.

It is foreseeable BRICS cooperation would advance toward a higher level and continue to play a constructive role in driving world economic growth, improving global economic governance, and enhancing multilateralism and democracy in international relations, Ma said, adding member states were confident about their development and cooperation.

Calling on BRICS members to work together for common development, Chinese President Xi Jinping, who attended a BRICS summit for the first time, said in a keynote speech BRICS countries had come together for peace, development and win-win cooperation, with building a beautiful world as their common wish.

Therefore, the BRICS countries should strengthen cooperation on three aspects: firstly, stand firm in defending world justice and justness, safeguarding world peace and stability; secondly, vigorously press ahead with the construction of a partnership for global development, advancing common prosperity; and thirdly, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation and pursue mutual benefit.

Despite being only five years old, BRICS could achieve greater success if its member states were fully confident about their development path, development prospects and cooperation with each other, Xi said.

The president also called on member states to forge closer ties through stronger partnerships, and to expand and deepen cooperation in trade and economy, finance, infrastructure and movement of people.

Xi urged facilitation of an integrated market in trade, multi-level liquidity in finance, overarching interconnections by air, land and sea in infrastructure, and people-to-people and cultural exchanges.

Xi's proposals won strong support from participating leaders.

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