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Sharing the Chinese dream with Africa

2013-03-25 15:53 CNTV     Web Editor: yaolan comment

Cooperation between China and Africa on infrastructure development has seen rapid growth in recent years. Chinese workers in Africa have expressed hope they can share the Chinese Dream of collective development with African countries in need.

Mo Chen, as a project manager for the China Road Corporation, is working on extending his China Dream to Nairobi, Kenya.

He is in charge of a road construction team of nearly one thousand people.

What makes him most proud is their road construction projects, which represent China's image and quality.

Mo Chen, Project Manager, China Road Corporation, said, "We are very proud of this road. It's Kenya's road No. A109. We put up a sign called 'China Road' on the road side after we completed the construction in 2000. Now local people refer to this road only as the 'China Road'".

Through the hard work of people like Mo Chen, the "China Road" has become a branded image for many local people.

"As you see now, there is no traffic jam, they have done a lot, it is a very good job."

"We need to more road like this, in order to have everything good in place."

This is Mo directing his team on the construction of Nairobi's 30-kilometre south ring road.

The road goes through the Kibera slum, which is the largest slum in central Africa.

Mo Chen now is thinking about what his company can do to improve people's lives in the slum.

Mo Chen said, "We 're doing research on what people need here, especially the need for schools. I think nowadays Chinese companies are doing more to help build local communities."

Chinese companies have done a lot of effective charity work in Africa, including building schools in slums, and sending food to drought-stricken eastern African tribes.

Chinese workers here say they want to share China's development and achievements with African countries in need.

Mo Chen hopes that all the China Road here are the roads to success.

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