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Confucius Institute 'contributes to China-Kyrgyzstan ties'

2013-03-12 17:46 Xinhua     Web Editor: Mo Hong'e comment

Kyrgyzstan's Vice Prime Minister Camilla Talieva has expressed her gratitude to the country's Confucius Institute for strengthening ties between China and her country.

When meeting with Chinese Ambassador Qi Dayu and Anarbek Subai, director of the Confucius Institute at Bishkek Humanities University Monday, Talieva thanked Subai for his contribution to the development of bilateral relations in the field of education and culture.

"You have made a great contribution to the founding of the Kyrgyz-Chinese University and the opening of the Research Institute of Xinjiang University in Kyrgyzstan," she said.

Due to the efforts of Subai, 116 Kyrgyz students had studied in China in the past few years, and 207 teachers had received free Chinese language courses, Talieva said.

The vice prime minister said she hoped Sino-Kyrgyz cultural exchanges could be further strengthened.

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