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So near, so spa

2012-11-29 15:36 Global Times     Web Editor: Zang Kejia comment
The outdoor hot spring site in Songjiang district is the first of its kind in Shanghai Photo: Courtesy of Xuelang Lake Resort

The outdoor hot spring site in Songjiang district is the first of its kind in Shanghai Photo: Courtesy of Xuelang Lake Resort

Hot springs have long been regarded as an ideal method for maintaining health, largely due to the minerals in the water that help facilitate the body's blood circulation and metabolism. They are also said to reduce stress in the muscles and joints and therefore to counteract fatigue.

Among the different varieties of hot springs, open-air hot springs boast particular functions that also alleviate the symptoms of osteoporosis through the interaction between the calcium in the water and the ultraviolet light in the atmosphere.

However, embracing nature in this way is not exactly easy when you live in the middle of a concrete metropolis like Shanghai.


Rare opportunity

Natural hot springs are, unsurprisingly scarce, and the best most of us can hope for is the indoor, artificial kind. However, that situation might be about to change with the recent opening of an outdoor hot spring site in suburban Songjiang district. Although the site uses artificial springs, which are a mix of fresh water and added minerals, it affords the rare opportunity to enjoy such a spring with a blast of fresh air and with some stunning local scenery.

This open-air hot spring is part of the larger Xuelang Lake Resort in Xinbang town of which almost a third has already been completed and opened.

Covering 93 hectares, Xuelang Lake Resort will eventually boast a 20-hectare water area and the whole site will have more than 90 percent tree canopy coverage. Now it offers both indoor and open-air hot spring sites, spa services, catering services, a conference hall and hotel facilities.

Various choices

Visitors to the resort have more than 30 kinds of hot spring to choose from, each of which caters to particular needs. The choices include Jasmine Spa, Ginseng Spa, Radix Spa, Coffee Spa, Rice Vinegar Spa, Coconut Milk Spa, Capsicum Spa, Eggplant Spa, Wine Spa, and Waterfall Spa.

"The different kinds of spas were formulated by professional herbalists," said resort marketing manager Yu Jiajun. "We have hot springs that cater specially for female customers such as the Jasmine Spa and the Coconut Milk Spa, as well as springs catering for male customers, such as the Yin and Yang Spa."

The Yin and Yang Spa consists of two pools, one heated to 46 degrees centigrade, and the other with water at normal air temperature. By being exposed to waters of differing temperatures, it is said that the nerves and blood circulation are stimulated which is helpful for strengthening the body's immune system.


Soothing sightseeing

All of the outdoor spring pools are built with natural stone, and are separated by palm trees, bamboos, and sweet osmanthus trees.

The Lakefront Spa faces an expansive lake, in which guests can paddle in small wooden boats surrounded by waterfowl. Meanwhile, the Sunset Glow Spa offers stunning views of the setting sun at dusk.

Beside the hot spring ponds is an outdoor swimming pool, as well as four sauna houses made with stone walls and straw-thatched roofs.

Add: No.100, Lane 699 Hucao Road, Xinbang town, Songjiang district 松江区新浜镇胡曹路699弄100号

Tel: 2309-9999 ext 5930

  Slender West Lake Resort, Yangzhou

Tianmu Hot Spring at the Slender West Lake Resort boasts natural springs which are rich in minerals beneficial to human health, and it is renowned as one of the few springs in China to contain high levels of bicarbonates. The resort has more than 100 spring pools, and also caters to private groups or couples. Located in a city famous for its gardens, the hot spring site features typically Chinese architecture as part of its waterside pavilion, artificial hillocks, and arched bridges.

Add: 38 Changchun Road, Hanjiang district, Yangzhou 扬州市邗江区长春路38号

Tel: 0514-8299-6666, 8733-7666

Tangshan EA Hot Spring Hotel, Nanjing

This hot spring in Tangshan was once famous as a resort used by China's dynastic royal families and it boasts a history of 1,500 years. Today, the Tangshan EA Hot Spring Hotel has more than 50 open-air hot spring pools and 30 indoor ones. The resort is known as one of the largest hot spring service providers in Jiangsu Province.

Add: 8 Wenquan Road, Jiangning district, Nanjing 南京市江宁区温泉路8号

Tel: 025-5119-0666 ext 8088

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