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72-year-old grandpa models clothing line

2012-11-28 13:27 CNTV     Web Editor: yaolan comment
72-year-old grandpa models clothing line.

72-year-old grandpa models clothing line.

72-year-old grandpa models clothing line.

72-year-old grandpa models clothing line.

This grandpa is stealing everyone's heart. The latest internet sensation, the 72-year old Chinese man has become something he probably never dreamed he'd ever be: the face of his granddaughter's teenage girls' clothing! With a slim physique that every model hopes for, it looks like granddaddy is showing the fashion world a new side of fabulous.

Liu's 24-year-old granddaughter Lu Ting is one of the college graduates who started up the online boutique in May. Since her grandfather became involved, visits to their online site have increased four-fold and continue to rise.

Liu's career took off during a visit to Lu in Guangzhou, when he saw his granddaughter packing boxes.

Grandpa model Liu Qiangping said, "One day I walked into the room and saw them packing up some clothes. And I thought they looked quite interesting and quite cute. So I tried on a jacket and they found it really funny, and I thought it was quite funny. So they asked if they could take pictures of me and post them on the Internet to sell the clothes. And I said, 'why not?'"

Liu, who has the nick-name "MaDiGaGa", which literally means "funny elderly", is now one of China's most recognised models.

Liu says he sometimes looks at fashion programs on television for ideas on how to pose but generally relies on direction from Lu's team. But he does, however, have his own opinions on styling.

Liu said, "He will tell us which items should be stronger and what should be improved. He really likes bright, contrasting colours while I prefer more tone-on-tone combinations. So he gives lots of advice when we try different combinations."

Last week, Liu, a former farmer from central China's Hunan province, travelled to Shanghai for the first time to appear on television with his granddaughter. He said he has been approached by other companies to model for them but has turned them all down.

Liu Qiangping said, "I never dreamed of lucky things like this happening to me. Now my name has spread across the country. So I feel very happy."

Lu has been criticised on the internet and accused of using her grandfather but he insists the experience has put a spring in his step. Lu says the two are now closer than ever. They don't have firm plans for the future, but Lu says as long as her grandfather is happy and healthy, he will carry on as the face of her business.

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