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Wind power confab draws 400 firms from 20 countries

2012-11-16 13:50 Global Times     Web Editor: Zang Kejia comment

Green energy is the top concern in the 21st Century, when resources are limited while the demand is high. To appeal to people's pursuit of a more green environment and sustainable resources, the fifth China Wind Power (CWP) Conference kicked off Thursday at the new site of China International Exhibition Center in Shunyi district and will draw the curtain Saturday.

"After four years of development, the CWP conference has now entered into a new phase. With the fast growth of the wind power industry, the scale of our exhibition is expanding accordingly. Now the CWP exhibition ranks among the top 3 in the world," said Xia Lihua, general manager of CCID Conference and Exhibition Company Limited, which organized the conference.

The CWP conference first started in Beijing in 2008 and is an annual event. This year it is jointly hosted by the Chinese Wind Energy Association, Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association, China National Renewable Energy Centre, Global Wind Energy Council and China Center of Information Industry Development.

It intends to serve as place for the government, scholars, wind power manufacturers and investors to meet and communicate, promoting the healthy development of both the Chinese and world wind power industries.

According to Xia, at the beginning phase, the whole conference only occupied an area of 16,000 square meters, while now the space has been expanded to nearly 50,000 square meters, hosting more than 400 companies.

As an international event, CWP has included international wind power companies from the very beginning. This year, the overseas companies from 20 countries accounted for 40% of the total companies in the conference.

"Our major international companies are from the Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom," said Xia.

During this year's conference, all the participants are encouraged to use public transportation to the exhibition center. In the past, the participants and the audiences are taken to the exhibition site through scheduled buses.

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