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Regulations set to correct social organization operations

2012-10-10 14:26 Xinhua     Web Editor: Mo Hong'e comment

China has issued new management regulations targeting the social organizations facing criticism for inappropriate operations.

The regulations publicized on Wednesday by the Ministry of Civil Affairs focus on measures banning social organizations from making profits by allowing other groups to host events in their names.

"Leasing signboards to make money" and other inappropriate operations, including instituting mandatory paid services and fees, have tarnished the image and credibility of social organizations, said the rules.

Social organizations should have a good understanding of the co-organizers before agreeing to cooperate with them and they should participate in and supervise the entire process of an activity, according to the regulations. Social organizations are prohibited from leasing their names to others.

The rules stipulate that any registered social organization should sign authorization agreements with co-organizers if it agrees to allow other parties to use its name or logo.

Social organizations can not charge co-organizers any fees if they entrust their activities to third parties.

Social organizations can not host evaluation or award events without approval, wrote the regulations. While hosting events, social organizations can not force any group or individual to vote or participate or charge any mandatory fee.

To avoid nepotism, the regulations stated that any social organization's activities should not be subcontracted or entrusted to groups or individuals with a vested interest in, or relationship with, the organization's principals.

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