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Wheelchair-bound man travels to city to find son

2012-08-22 11:25 Shanghai Daily     Web Editor: Wang Fan comment

Police are trying to help a 48-year-old man who traveled in a wheelchair from Beijing to Shanghai to look for his son. Instead of locating his son, the man became sick in a Metro station over the weekend and was sent to a local hospital.

There was no identity card or any other document on the man. The address book in his cell phone is empty and no one answered the phone after police called numbers in the call history.

Police didn't find his son, Liu Xiaolei, at Fudan University, where the man said he is studying. The man said he is Liu Jun, from Harbin in northeastern China's Heilongjiang Province. His right limbs are partially disabled after a stroke two years ago.

He said he went by himself to Beijing for treatment in his wheelchair and then came to Shanghai to look for his son, who he said is a post-graduate student. He said the son is his only family left and they haven't seen each other for two years.

"We stayed in contact with each other only by calls every one or two months, and he said he is busy looking for a job," Liu Jun said.

He felt sick and fainted at a Metro station on Saturday and was sent to Xuhui District Central Hospital, which posted about him on a microblog to help him find his son.

Doctors said Liu Jun had some complications from the previous stroke but he was stable after treatment.

"We want people who know about the man or his son to contact the hospital or local police to help the family get reunited," said Dr Zhuang Jianqing of the hospital's emergency department.


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