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UN chief hails progress in Chinese sustainable development

2012-06-27 10:01 Xinhua    comment

The United Nations commended progress made by the Chinese government in achieving sustainable development, especially in aspects of maintaining human health and protecting environment, said Ban Ki-moon, secretary-general of the UN here on Tuesday.

Ban's remarks came as he addressed a round-table conference held at the UN headquarter with a theme of looking at health issue with a broader prospective.

"The just-concluded UN Conference on Sustainable Development is a big success, which gave high priority to health and environmental issues," he said.

"The development achievement made by the Chinese government is very admirable and convincing. Chinese development path is valuable for many countries," he added.

Participants of the conference voiced their concerns about the implementation of the results yielded from the Rio+20 summit calling on international community to put more attention and thoughts into the issue of health and environment.

International Health and Environment Organization was established at the conference.

Wang Yanfeng, its chairman and also the chairman of China Health and Medical Development Foundation, told the conference that the objective of this newly founded organization is to deal with various causes effecting human health such as deteriorating environment, social unjust and unhealthy lifestyle in order to create a healthy social and natural environment to realize harmony between the development of human and the environment.

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