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Drug addict jailed for injecting HIV blood into girl

2012-05-16 14:28    comment

A drug addict in Luchuan county, South China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, was sentenced to 12 years in prison for injecting HIV-infected blood into a girl because he suspected her father had an affair with his wife, Legal Daily reported on Sunday.

Xie Long, a long-time drug user in his 30s, suspected his wife was having an affair with a man surnamed Luo in his village. Xie had threatened Luo many times over the phone that he would kill Luo's children in revenge, according to the report.

After finding out Luo's daughter went to the same school as his own daughter, Xie invited HIV-positive drug addict Chen to take drugs at Xie's home in May 2010 and took a blood sample from him.

Later Xie went to the school and asked Luo's daughter to leave the classroom. He then injected the blood into the girl's right arm, said the report.

The girl was later confirmed by the local disease center to have been infected with HIV, the report said.

Xie was convicted of intentional killing and was sentenced 12 years behind bars.

A staff member named Pan Li at the court that heard the case said Xie was rude in the courtroom and showed no signs of regret.

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